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Chelemhá Lodge

The making of the Chelemhá Lodge.

Chelemhá Lodge

Chelemhá Lodge.

Chelemha hosts

Your hosts at Chelemhá.

birders in the Chelemhá cloud forest

Group of birders in the Chelemhá cloud forest.

Chelemhá Lodge

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birders in the Chelemhá cloud forest

Group of birders in the Chelemhá cloud forest.

birders in the Chelemhá cloud forest

Armin and kids watching birds.

visitors in the Chelemhá cloud forest

Ready for the hike.

birders in the Chelemhá Reserve

Group of birders in the Chelemhá Reserve.

birders in the Chelemhá Reserve

Biologists in the Chelemhá cloud forest.

birders in the Chelemhá Reserve

Photographers in the Chelemhá cloud forest.

birders in the Chelemhá Reserve

Photographers in the Chelemhá cloud forest.

birders in the Chelemhá Reserve

Watching a "good" bird at dusk in the Chelemhá Reserve.

local guide in Chelemhá

Local guide with a small group of visitors in the Chelemhá forest.

birders in the Chelemhá Reserve

Watching the canopy of the Chelemhá cloud forest.

Magnificent Hummingbird at the Chelemhá Lodge

Waiting for food.

View from the balcony at Chelemhá Lodge

View from the balcony.

Cloud forest

Cloud forest.

View to Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes from the Chelemhá viewpoint

View to Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes at a distance of 135 km (86 miles), seen from the Chelemhá viewpoint.

Visitor in the Chelemhá cloud forest

Out in the Green.

Nocturnal thunderstorm at Chelemhá Lodge

Nocturnal thunderstorm at Chelemhá Lodge.

Chelemhá valley

Chelemhá valley.

Cloud forest birding in Chelemhá

Cloud forest birding.

Dawn at the Chelemhá Lodge

Dawn at the Chelemhá Lodge, with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in the sky (12 May 2011).

Map of Chelemhá

Checking the trail map of Chelemhá Reserve.

Happy chicken at the Chelemhá farm

Happy chicken at the Chelemhá farm.

Moon over the Chelemhá forest

Moon over the Chelemhá forest.

Chelemhá cloud forest

Chelemhá cloud forest.

Thank you for a wonderful visit! Delicous food, extremely knowledgable guide, kind, gentle hosts, and ... unforgettable birds. Simply marvelous!
Inga Labeaune, Monterey, California. July 2012.

We are so grateful to have been able to disappear into the clouds among the Quetzals in Chelemhá. Few places on Earth are left with such serenity. Thanks for the wonderful people, lodgings, and food, and the vast amount of trails and sights. We will never forget our time with the Quetzals.
Jenna and Howard Morris, California. July 2012.

What an inspiring and beautiful utopia. Wonderful food, fantastic views. This place won't be forgotten in my memory.
Sarah Kurmin, Fraser Valley, California. April 2012.

When I made our reservation for Chelemhá, I expected it to be special. We have not been disappointed. The lodge is lovely, Armin is a very gracious host and his meals are excellent. While I didn't see a Quetzal, our daughter did. We saw so many other species, however, that I have never seen, it was totally worth coming here.
Tom, Elizabeth, Elean and Caroline Booge, Seattle, Washington. April 2012.

We so enjoyed our time here at Chelemhá. This is truly one of our best birding trips ever, thanks to Cayaya Birding. Armin's menus and presentation: who would expect such quality and service in the jungle. We loved it all.
Mary McKrola and Scott McNeeley, Springfield, Oregon. March 2012.

Thanks for good food, good birds, good house design - for everything.
Linda and Jean-Pierre Georges, Boulder, Colorado. March 2012.

You all have got it very RIGHT here. Those who care about our environment will find you. Thank you for preserving this area.
Ruth Stewart, Dorest, Vermont. March 2012.

Even though it was cloudy the whole time, it was still one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I have visited.
Branson, Columbus, Ohio. March 2012.

Thank you for a wonderful stay! We enjoyed your beautiful lodge, great hospitality and excellent food. We took two hikes during our stay. The trails were well maintained and so diverse. We love your cloud forest.
Dennis and Ruth Powell, Chicago, Illinois. January 2012.

Thanks so much for everything you do to treat us so well and to preserve this beautiful place. Our stay here was one of the highlights of our international travels. Armin is a truly creative and wonderful chef and solicituous host.
Judy and Scott Pollock, Evanston, Illinois. November 2011.

What a find! The lush setting, the birds, Armin's hospitality and food, the beautiful design, this simple but elegant lodge. We saw three Quetzals and enjoyed a wonderful hike in the jungle.
Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl, Trans-Americas Journey. May 2011.

Here at Chelemhá we found an exceptionally wonderful place with a gracious host, helpful and charming staffs and knowledgable guides. The cloud forest crowning the heights above the lodge are fantastical and fascinating, well worth the effort to reach. Dripping with moss, sprinkled with wild flowers, ringing and active with an astounding diversity of birds. Armin's cooking is 5-star, and is perhaps the best we have found in the region. It is a place to be missed upon departure - and gladly anticipated for future return visits. An unforgettable experience!
Greg Homel and Noreen Doyle, Natural Encounters Birding Tours. March 2011.

Vielen Dank für drei schöne Tage bei Kerzenlicht und wunderbarem Essen, gekocht von Armin. Im Wald Quetzal, Eulen und Brüllaffen und an der Lodge jede Menge Kolbris.
Wilma, Robert, und Peter Wächtershäuser, Bad Homburg, Germany. March 2011.

Thank you for making my visit here so fantastic. I felt like a spoiled prince with all the good food you served. The forest is amazing in itself, but when you see a Quetzal it's like a dream. And all the fantastic hummingbirds that are everywhere around.
Thomas Carlsson, Grebbestad, Sweden. March 2011.

One of the most amazing places on Earth. We have had a wonderful time here. The sights and trails are breath-taking as well as the food! Great hospitality and people. Thanks for everything, a trip we will never forget!.
Libby, Janie, André, Izzy, Goshen, IN, USA. January 2011.

Thanks so much for hosting us at your beautiful lodge. The food, scenery and the birds were so enjoyable and inspirational. We wish you well in your work to preserve the cloud forest! We thouroughly enjoyed our time in the mountains.
Mil, Ruth, and Juke Pennor, Indianapolis, USA. June 2010

Wir bereisen seit 23 Jahren die tropischen Regenwälder der Erde. Auf der Suche nach dem Quetzal sind wir auf die Chelemhá Lodge gestoßen. Es ist ein wirklich wunderschöner Platz und der Nebelwald ist nicht weit entfernt. Es ist eins der schönsten Nebelwaldgebiete die wir jemals durchstreift haben. Und wir hatten sogar das große Glück mehrere Quetzale zu sehen.
Sandra Hanke und Dieter Schonlau, Paderborn, Germany. May 2010.

This is truly a magical place. We are enchanted with the setting, the lodge, the environment, and the people. The hummingbirds were such a treat as were the Quetzals. There wer dozens of other exciting bird finds that are too numerous to scribe about. Armin is a great chef and host. Our hike through the cloud forest will be discussed for many a year.
Stanley and Gretchen Jones, Bryan, Texas. April 2010.

We drove from Belize City to Chelemhá on a special visit to see the Quetzal, among other endemic birds. We felt so lucky to have found Chelemhá Lodge to stay. As we had so much comfort and quality in the lodge with stunning surroundings. It a truly special place to stay while enjoying the birds and scenery. We did get many sightings of the Quetzal and they are as magical as we had hoped and more! The hummingbirds are also a real treat and I am sure we will be back next year to enjoy this special little haven in the cloud forest.
Karen and Marck Birchenough, Hampshire, UK. April 2010.

What a wonderful place you have created here! Fabulous food, beautiful surroundings, so many cheerful hummingbirds! Rogelio was a terrific guide and the trails a joy to hike. This was a perfect holiday.
Laurie Schmitt, Guatemala City. March 2010.

A lovely stay! One of the most relaxing and exciting places in the world. Chelemhá is comfortable and offers the best nature trails I have seen, along with lessons in how to live lightly in this environment - and a master chef!
Pat and Marvin Carlson, New York. March 2010.

Wow! Such an amazing place to be! Magical, beautiful, inspiring, relaxing ... everything we wanted to experience. The long hike with Rogelio through the community was a highlight, as was every meal ans moment here!
Molly and Josh, Brooklyn, New York. March 2010.

This is such a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. It's truly a place to get away from it all. We would love to come visit again in the near future. We loved seeing all the hummingbirds. We were also lucky to spot a couple of quetzals.
Brian and Maria Peterson, Waynesville, North Carolina. March 2010.

Who knew that paradise was in Guatemala?! Thank you so much for your hospitality and attention to detail. You have here an amazing beautiful place. Look after it well.
Grady Cowley, Bryony Townhill and Nicholas Casey, Tasmania, Australia. February 2010.

Chelemhá - who would have expected such amazing warmth and hospitality at the end of the road. Thank you for creating a very special place nestled in this wondeful valley. The food and accommodations were outstanding.
Joe Messina, San Francisco, California. February 2010.

Como amante de la naturaleza y especialmente de las aves, esta primera visita a Chelemhá ha sido nada menos que encantadora. Estoy muy impresionado con el número de especies de aves endémicas que ví durante mi estadía.
Alex Navarro, California. February 2010.

Ich freue mich an diesem schönen Ort zu sein, von dem ich vorher schon so viel gehört hatte. Ich bin tief beeindruckt. Ihr habt hier, wie ich nachvollziehen kann, mit viel Anstrengung und Ausdauer etwas ganz besonderes geschaffen.
Willi Gehrs, Germany. January 2010.

Vielen Dank für diese großartige Gelegenheit, den Nebelwald von Guatemala kennen zu lernen. Eine gemütliiche und mit viel Liebe zum Detail ausgestattete Lodge mit einzigartigem Ausblick.
Mirco Lomoth, Germany. December 2009.See stories in German newspaper ZEIT and in Swiss newspaper Woz Die Wochenzeitung

Who could have thought that the beautiful trip from Tucurú would lead to an even more breathtaking place! I will certainly recommend it to others so that they will be able to enjoy the great scenery, incredible hospitality, and the extrememly delicious food.
Marieke, Netherlands. June 2009.

The little chunk of paradise you have found and created here is amazing and I thank you for sharing it.
August Welsh, World Traveling (roots in California). May 2009.

What a spectacular stay in this beautiful forest. The forest is enhanced by your beautiful lodge and generous hospitality.
Ivan Davidson, Los Angeles, California. May 2009.

Thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality! The forest was amazing and we spent several delightful hours with the hummingbirds. Hope to return soon.
Robert Orenstein, Atlanta, GA, USA. May 2009. See trip report.

We feel that we have landed in the most magical place on earth! Every detail about the lodge has been so carefully considered both from pure aesthetics to eco-friendly functionality. The meals are superb and so careful and healthy and delicious! We took magnificent hikes and had a terrific guide, Rogelio, who was so patient and calm and knew his birds! We were here three days and wish it could be longer.
Stephanie Housley, Brooklyn, New York. May 2009.

This is truly a place we wish to return to.
Susanne, Jesper, and Soren Borch, Denmark. April 2009.

Marvellous lodge at a very beautiful place. Good food and perfect service. Quetzal and many many other birds.
Sven Sjöstedt and Jan Ake Johanson, Gnosjö, Sweden. March 2009.

Lousy weather, but a marvellous place. I had a great time.
Brian Beers, Reston, Virginia. February 2009.

Magical, quite magical.
Francesca, Panajachel. 29 December 2008.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality - this place is a little slice of heaven! Our little team came in a little ragged, tired and dirty and found a place of warmth, beauty, comfort and peace. We will never forget our time here.
Poncers, Pasadena, CA, USA. August 2008.

You have created a very special lodge here. It is a comfortable place to stay and the food is outstanding. Knut and I found some great birds on the trails and around the lodge.
Pete Ferrera, Slingerlands, NY, USA. June 2008

Very much appreciate your effort to preserve the cloud forest, and the ambiance of your lodge. Had a wonderful time during my stay here!
Larry Allen, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

This lodge is a true gem in the world of nature.
Frank and Susan Gilliland, Pasadena, CA, USA. April 2008.

Thank you for a wonderful sojourn in your beautiful lodge and grounds.
Barbara de Witt, Plantation, FL, USA. June 2007

This is a magical place. The food is great. The birds are fabulous. Wonderful hummingbirds; Garnet-throated Hummingbird has to be one of the most beautiful of the world.
Patty O'Neill, Milton, MA, USA. June 2007.

What a magical place. I spent 3 days here birdwatching with Cayaya Birding. We spent most of our time up in the reserve observing and photographing the special bird of this area including Quetzals, Chlorophonias, Nightingale-Thrushs, and many others. (trip report) But the birding is just a fragment of the experience of Chelemhá. Armin's cooking is nothing short of extraordinary. What sensational meals. Listening to all the village sounds, the morning bird chorus, the conch being blown to call an association meeting, the sound of rain on the roof and in the forest. It is all very special.
Alan van Norman, Bismarck, ND, USA. May 2007.

Visiting Chelemhá has been an extraordinary privilege. A true step back in time to a simpler life. Thanks to Cayaya Birding for sharing this spot before too many others have been here. The hospitality of Armin and staff has made the stay here very comfortable.
Howard King, Riverside, CA, USA. May 2007.

You have really created a wonderful place! A real paradise. We will highly recommend it to all our birder friends. Every meal was a culinary delight! We had wonderful looks at several life birds from the balcony. Our alarm clock in the morning was the amazing song of the Brown-backed Solitaire.
Lori and Mark Conrad, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA. May 2007.

Such a wonderful place! Armin's hospitality and culinary abilities are greatly appreciated. Saw a lot of new "lifers" here - you have an excellent trail network.
John Deppman, Monterey, CA, USA. March 2007.

Thank you for a wonderful stay in a very comfortable spot. The food and service were outstanding and the lodge is a treasure. We did not have great luck with the rain, but we saw many great birds: Quetzals, Fulvous Owl, Wrens, Warblers etc. (trip report) The trails are excellent.
Jeff Peters, Boston, MA, USA. March 2007


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