Birdwatching in Chelemhá

At CHELEMHA LODGE you can see highland endemics from the balcony while enjoying your coffee!

More than 180 bird species have been recorded in the Chelemhá Reserve.

Hummingbird feeders at the Chelemhá Lodge attract eight species: Garnet-throated, Magnificent, Amethyst-throated, White-eared, Azure-crowned Hummingbird, as well as Green-throated Mountain-gem, Green Violetear and Violet Sabrewing. Follow this link to see more videos of hummingbirds in Chelemhá.

Chelemhá Lodge is surrounded by secondary forest where many of the cloud forest birds can be observed, including several endemics of the highlands of southern Mexico and northern Central America.

The following range-restricted species are frequently seen around the lodge: Blue-throated Motmot, Green-throated Mountain-gem, Bushy-crested Jay, Black-capped Swallow, Rufous-collared Robin, and Blue-and-White Mockingbird. More than 100 species have been seen from the balcony, more than 50 of them are seen frequently.

 Fulvous Owl
PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program studies the natural history of several owl species in Chelemhá, including Fulvous Owl (Strix fulvescens).

More endemics can be seen during walks through the cloud forest: Highland Guan, Fulvous Owl, Wine-throated Hummingbird, Black-throated Jay, Rufous-browed Wren, and Pink-headed Warbler.

Three farmers from the neighboring Q’eqchi’ village learned their skills as bird census takers with the PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program. They learned to identify calls and songs, and received basic guide training. They will help you to see cloud forest specialists such as Resplendent Quetzal, Slate-colored Solitaire, and Highland Guan.

For English speaking guides (trainers of the PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program) you may contact CAYAYA BIRDING.

A checklist of the birds of Chelemhá is available upon request from the PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program.

Birds frequently seen from the balconies of the Chelemhá Lodge

  1. Plain Chachalaca Ortalis vetula
  2. Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis
  3. Band-tailed Pigeon Patagioenas fasciata
  4. Green Violetear Colibri thalassinus
  5. Magnificent Hummingbird Eugenes fulgens
  6. Green-throated Mountain-gem Lampornis viridipallens
  7. Amethyst-throated Hummingbird Lampornis amethystinus
  8. Garnet-throated Hummingbird Lamprolaima rhami
  9. Violet Sabrewing Campylopterus hemileucurus
  10. Azure-crowned Hummingbird Amazilia cyanocephala
  11. White-eared Hummingbird Hylocharis leucotis
  12. Blue-throated Motmot Aspatha gularis
  13. Hairy Woodpecker Picoides villosus
  14. Northern Flicker Colaptes auratus
  15. Ruddy Foliage-gleaner Clibanornis rubiginosus
  16. Mountain Elaenia Elaenia frantzii
  17. Blue-headed Vireo Vireo solitarius
  18. Brown-capped Vireo Vireo leucophrys
  19. Rufous-browed Peppershrike Cyclarhis gujanensis
  20. Bushy-crested Jay Cyanocorax melanocyaneus
  21. Black-capped Swallow Notiochelidon pileata
  22. House Wren Troglodytes aedon
  23. Brown-backed Solitaire Myadestes occidentalis
  24. Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush Catharus aurantiirostris
  25. Ruddy-capped Nightingale-Thrush Catharus frantzii
  26. Black Thrush Turdus infuscatus
  27. Mountain Thrush Turdus plebejus
  28. Clay-colored Thrush Turdus grayi
  29. Rufous-collared Robin Turdus rufitorques
  30. Blue-and-white Mockingbird Melanotis hypoleucus
  31. Gray Silky-flycatcher Ptiliogonys cinereus
  32. Black-and-white Warbler Mniotilta varia
  33. Blackburnian Warbler Setophaga fusca
  34. Townsend's Warbler Setophaga townsendi
  35. Black-throated Green Warbler Setophaga virens
  36. Golden-browed Warbler Basileuterus belli
  37. Wilson's Warbler Cardellina pusilla
  38. Slate-throated Redstart Myioborus miniatus
  39. Black-headed Saltator Saltator atriceps
  40. Grayish Saltator Saltator coerulescens
  41. Yellow-faced Grassquit Tiaris olivaceus
  42. Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer Diglossa baritula
  43. Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch Arremon brunneinucha
  44. White-naped Brush-Finch Atlapetes albinucha
  45. Prevost's Ground-Sparrow Melozone biarcuata
  46. Rufous-collared Sparrow Zonotrichia capensis
  47. Common Bush-Tanager Chlorospingus flavopectus
  48. Summer Tanager Piranga rubra
  49. Flame-colored Tanager Piranga bidentata
  50. Melodious Blackbird Dives dives
  51. Great-tailed Grackle Quiscalus mexicanus
  52. Yellow-billed Cacique Amblycercus holosericeus
  53. Blue-crowned Chlorophonia Chlorophonia occipitalis
  54. Black-headed Siskin Spinus notatus
Cayaya Birding
PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program

Resplendent Quetzal in the Chelemha cloud forest
Resplendent Quetzal in the Chelemhá cloud forest
Highland Guan
Highland Guan in the Chelemhá cloud forest

A songster hidden in the dense cloud forest: Slate-colored Solitaire.

Some bird photographs taken from the observation balcony of the Chelemhá Lodge

Blue-throated Motmot
Blue-throated Motmot
Garnet-throated Hummingbird
Garnet-throated Hummingbird
Blue-crowned Chlorophonia
Blue-crowned Chlorophonia
Black Thrush
Black Thrush
Bushy-crested Jay
Bushy-crested Jay
Brown-backed Solitaire
Brown-backed Solitaire
Blue-and-white Mockingbird
Blue-and-white Mockingbird
Wine-throated Hummingbird
Wine-throated Hummingbird
Prevost's Ground-Sparrow
Prevost's Ground-Sparrow

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